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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Apple Time Machine?
It's a built-in feature on Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, and Leopard computers that lets you back up everything on your computer: music, photos, documents, applications, emails, and system files. Your My Book Live drive can store these backups, so that if your hard drive or operating system should crash, or you lose a file, you can easily restore it to your computer.
What is WD SmartWare and how does it work?
WD SmartWare automatically and continuously backs up your data files from your computer to the My Book Live drive. Initially, SmartWare categorizes the different file types on the drive where the original files reside. You can elect to back up all the different file types, or you can choose specific files, folders, or categories to back up. After performing a backup, WD SmartWare protects your files by backing up:
  • New files that are created on or copied to your computer's hard drive.
  • Existing files that are changed in any way.
I have another WD device connected to my network but it isn't available for selection on the WD SmartWare screen. Why?
Not all WD storage devices are compatible with the WD SmartWare software. Only SmartWare-aware devices within your network are available for selection in the software.
What is Windows Backup?
It's a feature available in Windows 7 and Vista that enables you to back up media files, documents, email, and other files to your My Book Live drive. If you lose files or your system crashes, you can easily restore the files to your PC. Refer to Microsoft documentation if you need more information about Windows Backup.