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Play Content on Your WD TV Media Player

You can play the media stored on your WD My Cloud on WD TV Live media players. Learn how to configure your WD TV media player to access files on your WD My Cloud network drive.

To complete this procedure, both your WD TV Live media player and your WD My Cloud drive must be connected to your home network.
    Complete these simple steps to configure the media player to access your WD My Cloud:
  1. Turn on the WD TV Live media player. The Home page displays.
  2. Using the remote control, press the left or right arrows to select the media content (Music, Videos, or Photos); you want to access.
    Occasionally dialog boxes appear on the WD TV Live screen. To dismiss these dialog boxes, do the following: Press the right arrow on the remote control to select the checkbox, and then press OK.
  3. Use the directional arrows to select the Select Content Source icon in the upper right corner then press OK.
  4. On the Select Content Source screen, select Media Server and press OK.
  5. Select your WD My Cloud and press OK.
  6. Press OK to confirm your selection.
  7. Navigate to the desired file, select it, and then press OK to play it.